Case Study

BLOCKTITE ETL AQUA BLUE- Engineer Amie Obed (Paombong, Bulacan)

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In our previous post, we've shown you the application of CRYSTOR for Engineer Amie Obed's swimming pool in Paombong, Bulacan. As promised, here's how it looks after applying BLOCKTITE ETL AQUA BLUE.

BLOCKTITE ETL is specially designed as a coating for interior and exterior surfaces of concrete, steel, and wooden tanks used for storing water. It is a two-component, epoxy coating, which is formulated from high-grade resins and curing agents for storage tanks.

It is supplied in pre-measured quantities ready for mixing and use. It hardens into an abrasive-resistant coating with high adhesive strength. BLOCKTITE ETL is water impermeable and has excellent resistance to oil, solvents, alkalis, and dilute acids.

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