Case Study

Epocoat FCH Beige - Ms. Tintin Que (Iloilo City)

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When done right, an epoxy floor coating can match the elegance that tiles can offer.

In this project, Ms. Tintin Que, an owner of a house in Iloilo City, wanted an epoxy floor coating with excellent abrasion resistance. At the same time, she wanted an elegant-looking finish that could make her home seem wider. So, Engr. Abonador, the one handling the project and a loyal client of Buildrite, used Epocoat FCH Beige for this particular project.

Beige is a color of calmness and relaxation. The gloss and color of Epocoat FCH Beige made the house look much wider by utilizing natural sunlight, bringing a soothing vibe to the house.

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