Case Study

EPOXY PRIMER - Engr. Wenfredo Abordo (Naga City)

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The versatility of construction chemicals allows users to reduce expenses and save time. Many products that have multiple applications are now available in the market. You just have to be diligent when selecting the right product for your project.

In this project, Engineer Wenfredo Abordo, the contractor of a three-story commercial building in Naga City, chose EPOXY PRIMER because of its superior features and benefits compared to other brands. It is also more versatile as it can be applied to concrete, wood, and metal compared to other products that can only be applied on metal surfaces.

Epoxy Primer is a two-component, polyamide cured epoxy coating designed for use in metal finishes, concrete, wood, previously painted surfaces, or as an immediate coat under light-colored topcoats. Epoxy Primer is a metal protection coating that has better water, chemical, and abrasion resistance compared to alkyd-based metal primers.


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