Case Study

SAPAL 2IN1, SKIMCOAT SF - Arch. Don Tapia (Deca Homes Grand Vale II)

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Arch. Don Tapia, a Board of Director of United Architect of the Philippines, inquired to our Techno Hub about an effective waterproofing product for exterior walls. He said that he wanted to try a more effective waterproofing solution for his projects, and he got curious about Buildrite. So, he tried SAPAL 2in1 in his project at Deca Homes Grand Vale II. After using the product, Mr. Tapia and his client were very pleased with the result.

SAPAL 2in1 is a weather-resistant, water-based, acrylic waterproofing primer and sealer. It is applicable to GI roofing systems, gutters, joints, firewalls, and parapets. Its membrane cures into a tough elastic film that can withstand severe movements of the substrate. It is elastic, durable, solvent-free, and can be painted over with water-based paints. (For waterproofing purposes, dilute 1 Part SAPAL 2in1 to 0.5 Part water)


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