Case Study

BLOCKOUT CRYSTOR, LEAK PLUG, HANDY FIX - Engr. Ralph Nicole Yalung of RGY Design + Build (Lubao, Pampanga)

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More and more contractors are discovering the effectiveness of our waterproofing solutions!

In this project, Engr. Ralph Nicole Yalung of RGY Design + Build used our waterproofing solution for a swimming pool of a Private Resort in Lubao, Pampanga. He reached out to one of our technical representatives, asking for the right solution for waterproofing swimming pools. After a thorough presentation on how this particular system works, the client was convinced that these products will provide excellent performance for a long time.

As part of our value-added services, we also assisted them before, during, and after the application, making sure that everything will be done right. And this was proven as there were no leaks after a successful flood test.

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