Case Study

BLOCKTITE RRC - Axis We Build (Sucat, Parañaque)

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Industrial buildings should start using this to reduce their indoor temperature and provide a comfortable working condition for their workers.

In this project, Axis We Build used Blocktite RRC to paint the roof of a warehouse in Sucat, Parañaque. According to the owner, they wanted to reduce their indoor temperature as soon as possible because the hot summer months are coming. So, with several good reviews, Axis We Build immediately recommended Blocktite RRC for this exact requirement.

We used 3 coats to ensure that the roof coating will last for a very long time while providing a cooler indoor temperature for the workers. BLOCKTITE RRC is a white polyurethane-based roof coating specially formulated to reflect sunlight and reduce heat transfer. It can reduce indoor temperature by up to 3°C. Furthermore, the tightly packed polyurethane membrane serves as a durable protection against the weather, preventing moisture penetration and corrosion.

Watch this video to learn more about Blocktite RRC:

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