Case Study

CEMENT GRIP, LEAK PLUG, RITEMIX IWL, EPOCOAT MB, CLEVER SIL, FLOORTEK FLEX, SAPAL RTU WHITE, SAPAL 2IN1 - Ms. Architect Ludivina Lozano and Owner Mr. Neil Acance Gazo (Roof Deck Repair, Candon City, Ilocos Sur)

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Durability + Beauty + Functionality

In this project, a roof deck of a commercial/residential building in Candon City, Ilocos Sur was waterproofed using Buildrite products. The contractor reached out to us for an ocular inspection, and we offered our waterproofing solutions. In the end, the owner chose CLEVER SIL exposed waterproofing system plus the POLYCOAT FLEX rubberized floor coating for added protection.

The previous asphalt waterproofing system suffered from leaks. So, they had the remove it first before applying the new waterproofing system. We assisted them during the entire application process to make sure that everything is done right. Now, they have a beautiful, durable, and functional roof deck that can last for many years.

Thank you, Ms. Architect Ludivina Lozano and Owner Mr. Neil Acance Gazo, for trusting Buildrite!


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