Case Study

CLEVER SIL - Arch. Vincent Borabon (Albay)

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Flat roofs need to be waterproofed too!

In this project, Architect Vincent Borabon wanted to try a new product for waterproofing the flat roof of a two-storey building in Legazpi City, Albay. He inquired about an excellent waterproofing system for this particular requirement. So, we recommended CLEVER SIL, a polyurethane exposed waterproofing system. We also assisted them during the application process to ensure that everything is done right.

Buildrite Clever Sil has many advantages, such as:

1. Easy to apply

2. Good abrasion resistance

3. Good UV resistance

4. Dense molecules

5. Excellent flexibility

6. Suitable for walk traffic

7. Economical system application

8. Easy to repair

The white Clever Sil also provides excellent reflective property to reduce heat transfer from sunlight, reducing indoor temperature and electricity cost.

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