Case Study

CLEVER SIL - Contractor Jay Jay Lucas (Old Balara, Quezon City)

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We didn’t name it CLEVER SIL for nothing!

In this project, Contractor Jay Jay Lucas needed to waterproof the flat roof of his studio at Old Balara, Quezon City. When he found out about the benefits of Buildrite Clever Sil, he immediately contacted us for assistance. He said that, since Clever Sil has many benefits compared to other roof deck waterproofing products in the market, it is an excellent choice for wise contractors.

When the project was finished, Contractor Jay Jay was very impressed with the result and said that we just earned another loyal client.

Here are the benefits of using Clever Sil:

1. Easy to apply

2. Good abrasion resistance

3. Good UV resistance

4. Dense molecules

5. Excellent flexibility

6. Suitable for foot traffic

7. Economical system application

8. Easy to repair

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