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CLEVER SIL, LEAK PLUG, HANDY FIX, CEMENT GRIP, HARDCRETE 310, EPOCOAT MB - Concrete Canopy Waterproofing (Calamba)

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Yes, concrete canopies and awnings should be properly waterproofed!

In this project, we had to assist in waterproofing the concrete canopy of a 2-storey residential building in Venare Homes, Calamba. Aside from the waterproofing system, we also recommended to install a slope on the canopy to facilitate water drainage.

In the end, our client was very satisfied because of the service we provide and the cost-efficiency of the waterproofing system. CLEVER SIL can serve both as a durable coating and waterproofing system for roof decks and other horizontal areas exposed to weather.

Watch this video to know more about Roof Deck Waterproofing:

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