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One of our partner contractors in Albay sought our help with their road scaling and spalling. They asked for a repair mortar that can repair 3 mm and 40 mm thickness but has a minimum of 3500 psi strength.

For the 40 mm repair we recommended Buildrite CONCRETE PATCH H and CONFIX EC epoxy cement for the 3 mm.

Here are the steps that we did to repair the defects:

1. First, we repaired the 40 mm spalled concrete. In the surface preparation, we remove the soft edges of the spalled concrete, then cleaned it by removing all the dust and debris.

2. Application of bonding agent – To repair the spalled area, we used CONFIX LV as a bonding agent. It is important to use a bonding agent in the application of new concrete to old concrete to ensure bonding and strength.

3. Patching – After the application of the bonding agent, we used Concrete Patch H as the repair mortar. Concrete Patch H is a fast setting repair mortar that only needs 2 to 3 hours to set. It can reach up to 6500 psi at 28 days making this product compatible with road repair needs.

4. After repairing the spalled areas, we repaired the areas of the road that have scaled. Scaling is one of the common road problems. It is due to overworking the surface and insufficient curing results in weak surface skin.

5. Surface preparation – The surface must be prepared for the Confix EC application. It is important to ensure that the surface must be free from contaminants, dust, oil, and grease.

6. Application of Confix EC – Confix EC is a three-component epoxy cement, self smoothening screed. It has 1.5 mm to 3 mm thickness with 6000 psi. It doesn’t need a bonding agent in the application. It is also fast curing, making it applicable to scaling problems of pavement and road.

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