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You don't need to stop your operations. You need a fast-setting/fast-curing repair mortar!

A popular retail store in Kawit, Cavite experienced concrete spalling on the floor of their establishment, which is causing trouble and hampering their work. Upon seeing our posts about concrete spalling, they immediately messaged us to ask for help. The building manager said that they need a repair mortar that would allow them to use the floor the next morning as they cannot afford to stop their operations for a very long time. So, we recommended CONFIX LV and CONCRETE PATCH H for the project.

After repairing the floor, they were able to use it after a few hours and return to their normal operations the next day.

Concrete Patch H is a fast-setting and fast-curing repair mortar that can achieve 2,500-3000 psi compressive strength after 3 hours. It is ideal for areas exposed to heavy traffic and immediate return to service is needed.


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