Case Study

CONCRETE PATCH V, SOLIDCURE, CONFIX LV - Bon Construction and Development Corp.

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Honeycombs are formed due to improper compaction or incomplete filling of formworks. It is commonly seen in columns and beams just after removing the formworks. This particular concrete problem should be treated carefully; otherwise, the structure may lose its strength.

In this project of Buildrite, we can see that a honeycomb was repaired using CONCRETE PATCH V. Bon Construction and Development Corp. contacted us through our customer service number to seek recommendations for the honeycomb problem of their project. So, our customer service team recommended SOLIDCURE, CONFIX LV, and Concrete Patch V. We also provided them with technical assistance to make sure that the application process is done right.

Concrete Patch V is a cementitious, pre-packed repair mortar with shrinkage compensation properties. It can achieve up to 5,800 psi of compressive strength at 28 days. It is supplied as a single-component powder, which only requires a specific quantity of water to produce a non-shrink mortar. It allows vertical applications of a single-layer with 40 mm thickness without using formworks.

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