Case Study

CONFIX ANCHOR - (Quezon City)

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How to ensure that new rebars achieves good bonding strength with the old concrete?

A building in Quezon City has to undergo rehabilitation work, and the structural designer wanted to increase the cross section of the columns. So, they needed to plant rebars on the splinth beam. For this, they consulted us for a product that can ensure the bonding strength between the rebars and the beam.

For such requirements, we recommend using chemical anchoring, a method of fastening bolts or rebars to concrete and similar substrates using a special epoxy. This provides more flexibility and strength than mechanical anchoring.

With chemical anchoring, a resin is injected into the hole prior to insertion of the bolts or rebars. The epoxy completely fills the hole, making it airtight with 100% adhesion. Chemical anchors have virtually unlimited embedment depth, so you can embed any length of rod into the hole to increase its load capacity.

CONFIX ANCHOR is a high-strength, non-shrink anchor grouting material. It is an anchoring adhesive that has strong bonding strength and good thixotropic property. It is applicable on vertical and overhead surface anchoring.

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