Case Study

CONFIX IJ - IAJR Construction (Parañaque City)

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Structural cracks on a roof deck should be repaired before applying the waterproofing system.

In this project, IAJR Construction used CONFIX IJ to repair the structural cracks of a roof deck of an apartment building in Don Galo, Parañaque City. According to the owner, the roof deck suffered from cracking due to the failure of the previous waterproofing system and frequent water penetration. So, they had to remove the membrane first and use injection epoxy to repair all the cracks.

Confix IJ is a two-component, low-viscosity, epoxy injection resin that can achieve 12,000 psi compressive strength. It is recommended for repairing structural cracks on walls, slabs, columns, and beams.

Low-viscosity epoxy injection is used to repair structural cracks. Because of its excellent flowability and fluid-like properties, the epoxy can flow, penetrate, and fill all the gaps and crevices inside the crack, which then acts as a binder to make the structural element whole or monolithic.


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