Case Study

CONFIX LV, HARDCRETE 510 (Road Repair Project, Ilocos Region)

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By repairing concrete spalling and scaling problems as soon as possible, you can prevent severe damages that may require remove-and-replace scenarios.

In this project, roads in the province of Ilocos had to be repaired due to severe scaling and spalling in some areas. Fortunately, the contractor for this project saw that Buildrite has a particular solution for such problems and immediately reached out for assistance.

Using Buildrite CONFIX LV and HARDCRETE 510, we repaired the parts of the road that suffered from severe damages, preventing further occurrence of damages that would compromise the compressive strength of the road.

HARDCRETE 510 is a pre-packed formulated screed designed for resurfacing, patching, and repairing large areas. It can be applied at a minimum thickness of 10mm to achieve a 5000 psi compressive strength.

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