Case Study

CRYSTOR - Engr. Amie Obed (Paombong, Bulacan)

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A waterproofing system should be applied on swimming pools in order to prevent the loss of water or corrosion on reinforcements caused by water and air seeping through the surface.

Therefore, a proper waterproofing system for a swimming pool should resist to both positive and negative water pressure.

In this project of Buildrite, Engineer Amie Obed used CRYSTOR to waterproof her residential swimming pool in Paombong, Bulacan. She contacted us via our customer service number and asked for recommendations for this particular project. She has already gathered other recommendations, but they still chose Buildrite because of the quality of technical assistance we provided them.

Our technical personnel explained the featured and properties of Crystor, which is a crystalline waterproofing system that creates a lasting impervious barrier to water. In the presence of moisture, the active chemicals in Crystor penetrate the concrete pores and react chemically with free lime to produce insoluble crystals. This crystalline growth reduces porosity by blocking capillaries and filling hairline non-structural cracks caused by shrinkage or expansion. In short, it is an ideal waterproofing system for swimming pools and basements.

Currently, we’re still in the process of applying BLOCKOUT ETL. Stay tuned in our page for the latest updates about this project.

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