Case Study

CRYSTOR, LEAK PLUG - Engr. Ralph Nicole Yalung (Lubao, Pampanga)

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Aside from its aesthetic appeal, creating coves on the pool’s corners and edges provide a smooth and seamless transition between the floor and the wall. This coving eliminates the corner joints, which are prone to cracking and water leakage.

In this project, RGY Design + Build used Buildrite LEAK PLUG and CRYSTOR to waterproof the swimming of Engr. Ralph Nicole Yalung in Lubao, Pampanga. This product combination provides an effective waterproofing system for swimming pools before applying tiles or a coating.

The coving they applied also provides structural support to the pool walls by evenly distributing the weight and stress exerted by the water. Then, the crystalline capillary system of Crystor provides a positive and negative waterproofing barrier for the pool, automatically sealing all future hairline cracks.

The finished project will be done in a few week. Thank you, Engr. Ralph and RGY Design + Build, for trusting Buildrite.

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