Case Study

CRYSTOR, LEAKPLUG, EPOCOAT MB, BLOCKOUT ETL - Engr. Jonathan Almirol (Indoor Pond, Parañaque City)

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What's the right waterproofing system for indoor ponds?

Engineer Jonathan Almirol from Multisystem Technologies Corporation saw our posts about waterproofing solutions and consulted us about the right waterproofing system for the pond in their building at Multinational Village, Paranaque City. We visited the area for an ocular inspection. We found out that they've used a a “popular” brand of two-component cementitious waterproofing before, which quickly delaminated after some time.

So, we recommended a more durable and long-lasting waterproofing system, comprising of CRYSTOR, LEAK PLUG, EPOCOAT MB, and BLOCKOUT ETL. After the entire application was finished, Engineer Jonathan was very pleased with the results!

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