Case Study

EPOCOAT FC - AMD Architects (Parañaque City)

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Every construction project has unique requirements.

Fortunately, construction chemicals can be adjusted accordingly based on specific client needs.

A loyal client of Buildrite, AMD Architects, contacted us about this particular project in Sucat, Parañaque. They needed an epoxy floor coating, which is already available in our product portfolio. However, they need the color of ‘safety green’ for the design requirement of the building. So, we gave exactly what they needed.

And here’s the result.

EPOCOAT FC is a two component, polyamide cured epoxy glossed floor coating formulated from carefully selected, highest grade epoxy resin and curing agent manufactured under strict quality control standards. The cured film forms an easy-to-clean, impervious, hard but flexible coating with excellent adhesion to clean concrete, steel, and wooden surfaces.



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