Case Study

EPOCOAT FC - Hospital Seamless Flooring (Cebu)

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Seamless floor is one of the requirements for the flooring of laboratories and hospitals. One of our hospital client in Cebu called us and asked for our technical assistance for them to achieve seamless flooring. In this project, we recommend removing the old tiles and use Buildrite EPOCOAT FC on their molecular laboratory to meet this requirement. The use of tiles in this kind of area is not advisable due to the joints. Molds will grow from tile joints or pores can store bacteria making the floor not hygienic.

Before the application, the surface must be prepared. All tiles were removed. All surface contaminants were removed and we ensured that the surface was free from dust, oil, and grease.

1. Application of bonding agent - Old concrete and new concrete will never be monolithic unless we use a bonding agent. We use CONFIX LV as a bonding agent to ensure the bonding of the topping to the old substrate

2. Application of floor topping - The substrate was damaged due to the removal of the tiles. To ensure a durable and smooth surface, we applied HARDCRETE 510. Hardcrete 510 is a floor topping that has a 10mm thickness with 5000 psi.

3. Application of moisture barrier - The secret to a perfect floor coating is in the moisture barrier. We used EPOCOAT MB to ensure that the moisture will not damage the topcoat. It also promotes good adhesion of the topcoat to the substrate.

4. Application of the floor coating - Epocoat FC is an epoxy-based floor coating that is durable enough for areas with a harsh environment such as laboratories. It has a seamless and glossy finish making it easy to clean and hygienic. The durability of Epocoat FC is also compatible with the harsh environment of the laboratory.

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