Case Study

EPOCOAT MB, EPOCOAT FC, TOFIL 801, TOFIL 803 - Cheese Manufacturing Plant (Angeles, Pampanga)

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Storage rooms for machines require a durable flooring system!

In this project, we used EPOCOAT MB and EPOCOAT FC for a 80sqm storage room of a cheese manufacturing plant in Angeles Pampanga. The room serves as a storage facility for the machines used to process cheese. Therefore, the contractor required a floor coating that has excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Compared to tiles, a durable floor coating system is recommended for such facilities to prevent infestation and moid buildup.

For the walls, they used TOFIL 801 (Skim Coat SF) and TOFIL 803 (Primer and Sealer) for before applying a topcoat.

Watch this video to learn more about Epocoat FC and Epocoat FCH:

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