Case Study

EPOCOAT TW - Residential Bathroom (Quezon City)

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You don't need to remove and replace your tiles when the waterproofing system fails on your bathroom.

In this project, the second floor bathroom of a residential home in Churchill Mansion, Congressional Avenue, QC., suffered from waterproofing failure. At first, they wanted to remove all the tiles to repair the part where the leak is coming from. Fortunately, someone recommended EPOCOAT TW to the owner. After learning that it is indeed a cost-efficient solution for this specific problem, the owner decided to use the product.

With Epocoat TW, they were able to save time, cost, and labor.

Epocoat TW is a two-component, epoxy waterproofing system specially designed for coating and waterproofing tiles. Once cured, it creates a clear layer of water impermeable coating that exhibits durable, tough, shock, chemical, and impact resistant qualities. Epocoat TW can be applied using brush or roller.

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