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The solution to your construction needs is just a few taps away.

Buildrite Facebook page is not just about solving problems and answering questions about construction chemicals and methodologies. If you need further assistance for your projects, we also provide site visitations and consultations so that we can recommend the right products for your particular construction needs. We have technical experts all over the Philippines that are willing to meet with clients.

In this particular project, Mr. Henry P., a homeowner in Marikina City, messaged us in our Facebook page to ask about the right products for waterproofing his bathroom, roof deck, and exterior walls. Since he’s not sure about the coverage and other technical factors that should be considered, our customer service team forwarded his contact information to one of our technical experts.

Our technical expert immediately visited the area, met with the owner, and recommended FLEXICRETE, CLEVER SIL, and SAPAL RTU. We also provided technical assistance to make sure that the application process is done right. In the end, the homeowner was very happy with the result.

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