Case Study

FLEXICRETE - Engr. Rey Verdeflor (McDonald's, Naga City)

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LOOK: Buildrite provided the waterproofing system for the roof deck of a McDonald's building in Roxas Avenue, Naga City.

In this project, Engineer Rey Verdeflor needed an underlayment waterproofing system that would later be applied with a topping. So, he immediately contacted Buildrite and asked for assistance. We recommended FLEXICRETE: a two-component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane. We also assisted the workers during the application to ensure that the entire process is done right.

Flexicrete consists of selected cement blends with well-graded fillers and synthetic resins to ensure tight bonding between the topping and the waterproofing membrane.

Unlike one-component cementitious waterproofing that requires adding of cement, Flexicrete includes a polymerized cement intended to be mixed with the liquid acrylic, which prevents mixing errors and waterproofing failure.

Flexicrete is recommended for bathrooms and shower areas, roof decks, and above-ground swimming pools that will be applied with a concrete topping.

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