Case Study

FLEXICRETE, LEAK PLUG - Den Sabilano (Poblacion Ibajay, Aklan)

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Another roof deck was saved from a faulty flexible cementitious waterproofing system.

In this project, the roof deck of a residential house in Poblacion Ibajay, Aklan was suffering from leaks due to failed waterproofing. According to the owner, Den Sabilano, the flexible cementitious membrane caused them a lot of problems in the past as it required them to reapply a new layer after just several months due to frequent leaks. In the end, they finally had enough.

This is where we stepped in. We had to remove several layers of flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane before applying FLEXICRETE, LEAK PLUG, and a topping. Since it's a flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane, we required them to at least apply a topping to protect Flexicrete from UV.




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