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FLEXICRETE, LEAK PLUG, HANDY FIX - Bathroom Waterproofing (Las Piñas)

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When it comes to construction chemicals, the tiniest of details matter!

In this project, the owner was using two of the most popular waterproofing products before. But, after learning the benefits of knowing the right products for specific waterproofing requirements and following the right methodologies, he decided to switch to Buildrite! With the help of, we waterproofed the bathrooms of a residential house in Enclave Alabang, Las Piñas. We assisted them during the application, and a flood test ensured that everything was done right.

FLEXICRETE is a two-component, flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane. It consists of selected cement blend with well-graded fillers and synthetic resins to ensure tight bonding between the topping and the waterproofing membrane. Unlike one-component cementitious waterproofing, Flexicrete already includes a polymerized cement intended to be mixed with its liquid acrylic, preventing mixing errors.

Learn more about Flexicrete in this video:

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