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FLEXICRETE, LEAK PLUG, HANDY FIX - Bathroom Waterproofing (Tondo, Manila)

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Bathroom waterproofing? Here are the things you should consider!

In this project, Aljomitri Corporation had to waterproof the bathrooms of 4-Storey Commercial Building in Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila. As a loyal client of Buildrite, Aljomitri Corp. knows that a successful waterproofing project relies on the capability of products and the methodology of application.

In this case, for example, we used FLEXICRETE two-component, flexible cementitious as an underlayment before applying a topping. Unlike one-component cementitious waterproofing that requires adding of cement, Flexicrete includes a polymerized cement intended to be mixed with the liquid acrylic, which prevents mixing errors and waterproofing failure.

We also used HANDY FIX to seal the gaps between pipes and concrete. Then, LEAK PLUG was used on corner joints. We recommend this system for bathrooms as each product plays an important function to prevent any tendency of leaks or seepage.

Learn more about Flexicrete in this video:

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