Case Study

FLOORTEK TARC - One Oasis Davao Condominium

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More than ease of application, you can also benefit from the durability of Buildrite FLOORTEK TARC.

In this project, One Oasis Davao Condominium used Floortek TARC for the road markings around their area. They decided to switch to this solution because they wanted a more durable road paint compared to what they were using before, which will reduce maintenance labor and costs.

They also chose Floortek TARC because it is a cold-applied thermoplastic acrylic-based reflectorized coating. It is an easy-to-apply traffic paint that can effectively reflect light at night and last longer compared to other traditional options in the market.

It is much easier, faster, and more economical to apply. You can use a brush or roller like a normal paint. Unlike other products where the glass beads are broadcasted on the surface, the glass beads in TARC are already mixed with the coating, making it more durable. It also has better UV-resistance and color fastness compared to petrochemical resins.

Thermoplastic Acrylic Reflectorized Coating (TARC) is recommended to be applied in 3 coats with 1 hour interval per coat.

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