Case Study

HARDCRETE 510, CONFIX LV - Food Processing Plant (General Santos City)

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What can you do if you want to replace your tiles with a floor coating?

In preparation for an upcoming food safety inspection, a food processing plant in General Santos City reached out to us to replace their tiles with a more hygienic option.

So, we advised them to remove all the tiles and apply HARDCRETE 510 as topping. After which, we will use EPOCOAT FCH because it provides a seamless, water-resistant, and chemical-resistant finish.

Stay tuned in our page to see the final look of this project!

Hardcrete 510 is a pre-packed repair mortar designed for resurfacing, patching, and repairing large areas. It can be applied at a minimum thickness of 10 mm to achieve a 5000 psi compressive strength. It is a non-shrink and rapid strength-gain mortar.


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