Case Study

HARDCRETE NM - Rell & Renn Fishing Corporation (General Santos City)

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Sometimes, a high-strength concrete could suffer from surface damages caused by being constantly exposed to heavy loads, high traffic, and chemical spillage.

For this reason, Rell & Renn Fishing Corporation at General Santos City wanted to try a surface hardener for the concrete floor of their piggery. On average, a mature pig could weigh around 330-400kg; plus, their wastes could also damage the concrete floor over time.

So, we suggested Buildrite HARDCRETE NM: a pre-mixed, non-metallic, ready-to-use surface hardener. It is designed to be broadcasted as a dry shake over a freshly placed concrete to provide a hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant, and chemical resistant concrete surface. It contains hard-wearing aggregates, special cement, and other proprietary ingredients to improve its long-term performance.

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