Case Study

HARDCRETE NM - (Warehouse Building in Mandaue City)

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They made a wise decision in this project...

The fresh slab of a warehouse building in Mandaue City has been densified using Buildrite HARDCRETE NM. High Speed Construction chose this particular option because of its several benefits:

1. Time-Saving – The dry shake can be broadcasted after the placement of concrete (around 10 to 15 minutes). The surface is walkable after 24 hours and light operation is possible after 3-7 days.

2. Cost Saving – The initial material and labor costs during construction are relatively low.

3. Durability – It provides a tough durable cap to the concrete, which reduces its porosity and decreases oil, grease, and other chemical substances absorption and potential damage.

Buildrite Hardcrete NM is a pre-mixed, non-metallic, ready-to-use, dry-shake surface hardener. It is broadcasted on top of freshly placed concrete to provide a hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant, and chemical-resistant concrete surface. It contains hard-wearing mineral aggregates, special cement, and other proprietary ingredients that promote the excellent long-term performance of the concrete surface.

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