Case Study

HARDCRETE PE - Manufacturing Plant (Marilao, Bulacan)

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Thanks to this product, you don’t have to remove and replace weak and dusting floors.

In this project, the weak and dusting floor of a 1800sqm manufacturing plant in Marilao, Bulacan was rehabilitated using Buildrite HARDCRETE PE. Achieving enough strength and abrasion-resistance is necessary in this area because it’s exposed to heavy vehicular traffic. So, with the assistance of our Technical Representative from start to finish, they applied the product on the entire facility. Using Hardcrete PE, they were able to save time, cost, and labor by not having to remove and replace the existing concrete floor.

Hardcrete PE is a penetrating epoxy densifier for repairing weak concrete floors that suffer severe dusting. The low-viscous epoxy penetrates the concrete floor and binds the concrete surface, making it durable, impact and abrasion-resistant.


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