Case Study

LEAKPLUG - Engr. Lito Cartin’s Jeth James Engineering Works (Tagaytay City)

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When it comes to commercial establishments, the products you use during construction can make or break the business. Using faulty construction products could mean massive losses in the future.

The bigger the structure, the bigger the risk during the selection process. This is why contractors have to be extra careful when choosing the products they will use for commercial establishments.

In this particular project of Buildrite, our long-time client, Engineer Lito Cartin’s Jeth James Engineering Works had to waterproof a large cistern tank of a Hotel and Resort in Tagaytay City, which is owned by a famous celebrity.

As a loyal client of Buildrite, Engineer Lito immediately contacted us to ask for the right products for his project. So, we recommended LEAKPLUG to waterproof the corner joints of the cistern tank.

Currently, we’re still in the process of applying CRYSTOR and BLOCKOUT ETL.

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