Case Study

POLYCOAT FLEX - Engr. Jefferson Cler (DPWH Davao del Sur)

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DPWH trusts Buildrite! 

An inspector of DPWH, Engineer Jefferson Cler, trusted us to supply the PU Rubberized floor coating for the covered court of DPWH in Digos City, Davao del Sur.

According to him, they've already tried solvent-based floor coating before and it quickly delaminated. Now they want a more durable flooring solution specially design for sports floors. So, we recommended an epoxy-based primer and a rubberized polyurethane flooring for this project. 

POLYCOAT FLEX is most beneficial in facilities where safety and comfort are of paramount importance, such as sports centers, gymnasiums, yoga or dance studios, children’s playgrounds, etc. 

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