Case Study

RITEMIX PC 200, CEMENT GRIP, EPOCOAT MB, CLEVER SIL, SAPAL RTU - Aljomitri Corporation (Building Roof Deck, Manila)

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LOOK: A 55 sqm commercial building roof deck in Tondo, Manila was waterproofed using Buildrite products.

Aljomitri Corporation, a loyal client of Buildrite, used RITEMIX PC 200 and CEMENT GRIP to apply a new topping for the roof deck. Then, they used LEAK PLUG for corner joints, plus EPOCOAT MB and CLEVER SIL as the waterproofing system for the slab. They also used SAPAL RTU for the parapet walls.

The result: A roof deck with a durable coating and waterproofing membrane that can last for many years.


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