Case Study

RITEMIX SP 193 - Residential Condominium (Quezon City)

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Does excellent workability prevent the formation of honeycombs on concrete? Well, it really depends on the admixture.

A two-story residential condominium building in Quezon City needed to have a high-strength concrete for the column placements. They said that they need at least 6000 psi after 14 days. They also want to improve the workability of concrete and prevent the formation of honeycombs.

So, we recommended RITEMIX SP 193, a chloride-free workability retention admixture based on selected synthetic polymers. The fine particles of this admixture easily disperses in the concrete mix, enabling water content to perform more effectively, which increases workability, cohesion, and retardation.

Just add 400 ml of Ritemix SP 193 for every 1 bag of cement and you can get a workable concrete with less water cement ratio.

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