Case Study

RUST CONVERTER, EPOXY PRIMER, CONFIX HV, CONCRETE PATCH V - Engr. Noel Pabelonio (Batasan Hills, Quezon City)

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If you're renovating your old house, you will probably need this as well!

In this project, they used a popular Buildrite concrete repair solution for the spalling on the ceiling of a 2-storey residential house in Batasan Hills, Quezon City. It's a complete renovation project where we also waterproofed their roof deck.

Since the house suffered from water leaks for a long time, the concrete ceiling became riddled with concrete cancer. Fortunately, Engr. Noel Pabelonio recommended this specific concrete repair solution for spalling on concrete ceilings. The owner contacted us and we immediately assisted them in the entire process.

Here's how to apply the system:

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