Case Study

SAPAL 2 IN 1 - Concrete Gutters of a Commercial Building (Kalibo, Aklan)

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Because of its waterproofing capabilities and cost-efficiency, more and more people are choosing SAPAL 2IN1 for their concrete gutters!

In this project, a commercial building in Villa Salvacion, Brgy. Andagao, Kalibo Aklan used Sapal 2in1 for their concrete gutters. After learning how they can significantly save cost, labor, and time when using Sapal 2in1 when, the owner decided to use it. They've used Buildrite products on almost all the parts of the building, and it will be ready for lease by first quarter of 2024.

Sapal 2in1 provides an economical waterproofing solution because of its coverage compared to other brands. It requires the addition of half-part water to become a waterproofing product, and doesn’t need a coating for protection against UV light.

Sapal 2in1 can also be used as a paintable sealant for repairing hairline cracks and sealing roofing or pipes. Watch this video to learn more about SAPAL 2in1:

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