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SAPAL 2 IN 1, SKIMCOAT SF - Arch. Don Tapia (Deca Homes Grand Vale II)

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Architect Don Tapia, a Board of Director of the United Architects of the Philippines, inquired to our Techno Hub about an effective waterproofing product for exterior walls. He said that he wanted to try a more effective waterproofing solution for his projects, and he got curious about Buildrite. So, he tried SAPAL 2 IN 1 in his project at Deca Homes Grand Vale II. After using the product, Architect Tapia and his client were very pleased with the result.

Sapal 2 in 1 is a weather-resistant, water-based, acrylic waterproofing primer and sealer. It is applicable to GI roofing systems, gutters, joints, firewalls, and parapets. Its membrane cures into a tough elastic film that can withstand severe movements of the substrate. It is elastic, durable, solvent-free, and can be painted over with water-based paints.

For waterproofing purposes, dilute 1-part Sapal 2 in 1 to 0.5-part water.


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