Case Study

SAPAL 2IN1 - Mr. Vernone Barbon (Commercial Building, Polomolok, South Cotabato)

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It's becoming an epidemic. We've been repairing lots of problems concerning the failed flexible cementitious waterproofing product from a popular brand in the country.

In this project, the exterior wall waterproofing system of a commercial building in Polomolok, South Cotabato suffered from cracks and leaks. Fortunately, Mr. Vernone Barbon, the owner, reached out to us for a cost-effective solution to solve this problem. So, we recommended SAPAL 2IN1 to repair the cracks and waterproof their exterior wall.

First, they had to remove the failed waterproofing system on the exterior wall. Then, they repaired the cracks using Sapal 2in1. Finally, they mixed 1 Part Sapal 2in1 with half part water to create and apply a durable waterproofing membrane for the exterior walls.

Sapal 2in1 provides a versatile and economical waterproofing solution for exterior walls, concrete gutters, and concrete fences. Sapal 2in1 can also be used as a paintable sealant for repairing hairline cracks and sealing roofing or pipes.

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