Case Study

SAPAL 2IN1, SINCLAIR NATICA - (Tramo, Las Piñas)

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Old exterior wall riddled with cracks... but now it looks brand-new!

In this project, we repaired the exterior wall of a three-story house in Tramo, Las Piñas using SAPAL 2IN1 and SINCLAIR NATICA. The owner was looking for a cost-effective solution for his exterior wall waterproofing, which requires repairing of cracks and using a waterproofing paint to reduce the labor costs of the project. Fortunately, we have the exact solution for this.

Sapal 2in1 provides a versatile and economical waterproofing solution for exterior walls, concrete gutters, and concrete fences. Sapal 2in1 can also be used as a paintable sealant for repairing hairline cracks and sealing roofing or pipes.

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