Case Study

SAPAL RTU - Arch. Jayson Abustan’s Central District Design Group (4-Storey Building, Manila)

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Size doesn’t matter.

All exterior walls, big or small, needs to be waterproofed and protected against the elements to make them durable and long-lasting.

This is exactly what our clients had in mind when they chose Buildrite SAPAL RTU for their 4-storey residential and commercial building in Sisa, Manila. Architect Jayson Abustan’s Central District Design Group (CDDG), a loyal client of Buildrite, used our product for this particular project. They applied Sapal RTU for the entire exterior wall of the building, not just to protect it against the rain but also against other natural elements such as sunlight, dirt and pollution, humidity, and extreme temperatures.

Sapal RTU is a high-performance, UV-resistant, water-based acrylic coating. It cures into a tough elastic film that can withstand severe expansion and contraction movements. Sapal RTU possesses outstanding durability, elasticity, and crack-bridging capabilities.

Sapal RTU also comes in a base of white that can be tinted using Sinclair Acri-Colors to achieve the colors you want ( Its formulation makes this possible, which can also provide long-term color retention properties.

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