Case Study

SAPAL RTU - Rick Navarro, Repair of Exterior Walls (San Jose del Monte, Bulacan)

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This is one of the most economical ways to finish your exterior walls!

In this project, the entire exterior walls of a residential house in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan was waterproofed using SAPAL RTU. Owner Rick Navarro said that they chose Sapal RTU because of its a cost-efficient option and long-lasting compared to other waterproofing products in the market. Since SAPAL RTU already serves as a primer, sealer, waterproofer, and final coating, he was able to save time, material cost, and labor on this project. Furthermore, Mr. Navarro also likes the sleek finish of gray Sapal RTU.

Buildrite Sapal RTU is considered one of the most durable exterior wall waterproofing material, with excellent weather resistance, elasticity, and crack-bridging capability. It is best suited to deal with the tropical weather in the Philippines.

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