Case Study

SMARTBOND C2TS1 - Arch. Penny Rivera (San Fernando, Pampanga)

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Aside from the nature of tiles, location is a major factor that should be considered when choosing the right tile adhesive rating.

In this project, Arch. Penny Rivera reached out to Buildrite for a re-tiling job in Hacienda Royale, San Fernando, Pampanga. They needed to retile the entire garage due to severe delamination after using a popular brand of tile adhesive.

After a site inspection and consideration of the type and size of tile to be used, including the location of the area and the amount of load/traffic, we recommended SMARTBOND C2TS1. Since this is an exterior application, it's important to have a tile adhesive with an S rating to compensate the expansion, contraction, or movements of the substrate.

Smartbond Heavy-Duty Tile Adhesive C2TS1 conforms to BS EN12004 Type C2TS1 with Improved Adhesion, Slip Resistance, and Standard Flexibility. With its flexible characteristics, it can endure different stresses, such as concrete shrinkage and thermal expansion. It can be used for basements up to higher-level floors, which usually experience movements and vibrations.

Watch this video to learn the right tile adhesive for your specific tile adhesive requirement:

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