Case Study

SOLID CURE - Warehouse (Ilocos Norte)

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A non-shrink grout acts as a "shim" for the baseplate, which provides a smooth and leveled surface for the structure to sit on, helping to distribute the load evenly across the foundation surface. This can help to prevent any uneven distribution of load or movement of the baseplate over time.

In this project, a warehouse in Ilocos Norte used Buildrite SOLID CURE to secure the baseplate and foundations of the structure. With the non-shrink property and high compressive strength of Solid Cure, the owner and contractor were convinced to use our product. The building is still under construction and more Buildrite products will also be used soon.

Buildrite Solid Cure is a highly flowable, non-shrink grout that can achieve 8,000 psi compressive strength. It is a cement-based, high-strength expanding grout specially formulated for structural grouting operations, where positive expansion and non-staining characteristics are required. Solid Cure can also be used as a repair mortar for concrete honeycombs.


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