Case Study

SOLIDCURE - (15-Storey Building in Binondo, Manila)

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There is still hope for your old buildings! 

A contractor contacted Buildrite to ask for a high-strength, flowable, pumpable grout that can rehabilitate the deteriorated columns and beams of an old heritage building in Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila. They needed a product that can be pumped into the columns and beams to restore the needed compressive strength needed to support the 15-storey building. 

According to the contractor, they were already using a similar product before, but they needed a more flowable and pumpable grout with finer aggregates to prevent the formation of voids. When they found out about Buildrite SOLIDCURE, they immediately decided to use it. 

SolidCure is a highly flowable, non-shrink grout that can achieve a compressive strength of 8,000 psi. It is a non-shrink, cement-based, high-strength expanding grout specially formulated for critical grouting operations, where positive expansion and non-staining characteristics are required.

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