Case Study

STOPGAP NW, SAPAL 2IN1 - Roofing System of a Residential House (Roxas City, Oriental Mindoro)

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Dual Purpose = Economical

In this project, the GI roofing system of a residential house in Roxas City, Oriental Mindoro was waterproofed and sealed using STOPGAP NW and SAPAL 2IN1. Since there was a gap between the metal roofing and the parapet walls, decided to use StopGap NW Paintable Flashing Tapes to seal those gaps. Then, they also used Sapal 2in1 to paint the tapes and provide a better waterproofing/sealing protection to the flashing and parapet walls.

Sapal 2in1 provides an economical sealing and waterproofing solution because of its coverage compared to other brands. It requires the addition of half-part water to become a waterproofing product. Sapal 2in1 can also be used as a paintable sealant for repairing hairline cracks and sealing roofing or pipes.

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