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Buildrite Invests in New Machine to Reduce Production Cost While Increasing Yield

Buildrite Construction Chemicals, a leading construction chemical company known for its Magtanong Para Sigurado campaign and high-quality products, recently inaugurated their new automatic dry-mix machine that can reduce production time and cost, increase yield, and improve the quality of their dry-mix products, such as ready-mix concretes, formulated screeds, tile adhesives, grouts, plasters, skim coats, and jointing compounds. 

During their 22nd anniversary, the machine was inaugurated by Founder and CEO Derrick A. Tan together with his wife, Chief Finance Officer Sabrina Tan, and other top executives. Mayor Bartolome “Omeng” Ramos of the Municipality of Santa Maria, Barangay Camangyanan Chairman Leonilo Secretario, and other local government officials were also present during the event. 

“This new machine will double our output capacity while reducing production time and overhead costs,” explained Tan in his speech. 

The automatic dry-mix machine is able to mix together the raw ingredients at high speeds and in large quantities, making it ideal for large manufacturing operations. It’s also safer, takes up less space, and is easier to maintain. The machine is also equipped with a dust collection system, which reduces environmental and health hazards. 

Our old system takes 45 minutes to mix one batch. With this new machine, it only takes 15-20 minutes, which translates to approximately 10 tons of dry-mix products per hour,” explained Production Manager Leyson Castro Usi. 

The automatic dry-mix machine is connected to a series of silos for the different dry ingredients. Compared to ordinary machines with separate silos, an automatic dry-mix machine can mix ingredients faster and more accurately than manual methods because of its computerized control system that regulates the flow and proportion of each ingredient. The result is a streamlined production process that significantly improves the overall quality of the final product. 

Since we can accurately proportion the raw ingredients without getting them manually per silo, each batch of dry-mix products will have a consistent quality,” said Kalel Leland Ocampo, Buildrite’s Research and Development Chemist for dry-mix products. 

With Buildrite’s campaigns to educate the public about skim coats, screeds, tile adhesives, and ready-mix concrete, they were able to peak people’s interest and increase demand for such products. 

During last year’s PhilConstruct Expo, Buildrite launched Readycrete: Ready-Mix Concrete in a Bag and SmartBond Flex: The First Flexible Tile Adhesive, which gathered so much attention from engineers, architects, contractors, and even DIYers. Buildrite’s formulated screeds for thin applications of 3 mm to 10 mm also picked up a lot of steam last year when they released a comprehensive episode about Toppings vs. Formulated Screeds

After achieving an all-time high annual sales record last year, Mr. Tan is determined to continue the company’s momentum as he introduced this year’s theme, “ACCELERATE: Train, Strategy, Growth,” aiming to provide more training, improve their strategies, and further grow their operations. 

CEO Derrick Tan believes that the coming years will be more significant to the history of the company. Considering their accelerated growth over the past three years, he said that the foundations have already been laid for the company. 

“Those who came before us have already laid the foundations and paved the way, and it’s now our turn to build a future where we can finally realize our vision of bringing a future where the country can achieve world-class standard construction chemical products and methodologies,” Tan said. 

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