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How Your Walls Can Affect Your Food… and Your Business?


Your walls can ruin your business!


The wall coating material you choose can make or break your business, depending on its hygienic properties.


Importance of Hygienic Walls 


We know this all too well: insects on the food, mold contamination, code violations due to filthy kitchen, food poisoning, infestations on food storages, etc.


It’s been a recurring theme in restaurants and other commercial establishments connected to the food industry. But what’s often overlooked in these situations is the role of walls on hygiene.


Kitchen walls are prone to the buildup of molds, fungi, and bacteria due to the presence of moistures, heat, biodegradable waste, and other chemicals.


Latex Coating and Tiles Are Unsanitary 


Based on our insights, tiles and latex-coated walls are the major causes of unsanitary kitchen areas.


Grouts on tiled walls and blistered coatings are ideal breeding grounds for insects, contaminating the foods being prepared or stored in the area.


Furthermore, it’s hard to clean the walls in these areas because they can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals from cleaning products and the heat from steam cleaners.




Latex paint has poor resistance to oils, grease, high and low temperatures, and harsh chemicals.


As for tiles, they are notorious for mold buildup and infestations due to joints, cracks, and space underneath them.














Choosing the Right Wall Coating 


Prevention is better than cure. Sometimes, frequent cleaning is not the solution. Worse, cleaning will just aggravate the problem.


Choosing the right wall coating can prevent many sanitation problems that could otherwise be caused by ordinary paint or tiles.


Here at Buildrite, we recommend using BLOCKTITE XTR for rooms or buildings where foods are being prepared or stored, such as food processing plants, cold storage, commissaries, commercial kitchens, and restaurants.


BLOCKTITE XTR is resistant to:

  • Chemicals

It can withstand harsh chemical from cleaning products.


  • Extreme Temperatures

      It can withstand -40 °C to 149 °C


  • Stains and Molds 

      Its seamless quality makes it resistant to stain and mold buildup.  


Moreover, BLOCKTITE XTR can prevent the common problems we usually encounter on kitchen walls, such as cracking, blistering, discoloration, and delamination.


For more information, you can our YouTube Channel to learn about the right construction products and methodologies based on international standards.


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